اصطلاحات نکات ازمون اموزش کتاب ایبوک زبان انگلیسی
پنج‌شنبه 20 فروردین‌ماه سال 1388 ساعت 05:38 ب.ظ
  • Here is a list of words that are used a lot especially in grammer section and I thinks its necessary for everybody who is learning english.
  • کلماتی که در این قسمت نشان داده شده اند به طور عمده مخصوصا در قسمت گرامر زبان انگلیسی کاربرد دارند و به نظر من این کلمات برای هر فردی که در حال یادگیری زبان انگلیسی می باشد لازم و ضروری است.
  • کلمات پر کاربرد در گرامر زبان
  • Active
  • passive
  • Adverb
  • adverb(ial) particle
  • adverbial phrase
  • affirmative
  • Negetive I was not is negetive منفی
  • auxiliary (verb)
  • clause
  • comparative
  • conditional
  • conjunction
  • consonant
  • vowels
  • contraction
  • determiner
  • direct object
  • indirect object
  • direct speech
  • indirect speech (reported speech)
  • emphasize
  • expression
  • first person
  • formal language
  • informal language
  • gerund and -ing form used like a noun Smoking is dangerous
  • hyphen a line that seprates words milk-bottle
  • imperative a form like infinitive that is used to give order make a suggestion etc. come on wait a minute امری
  • infinitive I need to sleep and I must go the form to sleep and go are infinitives
  • main clause some sentences have one main clause and one or more subordinative clause
  • when I got home Iasked mary what she thought
  • subordinative clause when I got home Iasked mary what she thought
  • modal auxiliary verbs should can could may
  • noun a word like oil memory thing which can be used with an article  
  • participle when we use the -ing form like an adjective or verb, we call it a present participle.a crying child , I was working 
  • past participle forms like broken, gone, heard, stopped are past participle 
  • prefect a verb form made with have. I have seen 
  • phrasal verb  verb + adverb particle stand up write down 
  • phrase a group of words that are used together. our old house is a noun phrase 
  • plural a form used for more than one. books they جمع
  • singular book she  مفرد
  • preposition a word like on, through, over, in حرف اضافه
  • possessive a form like my, mine, john's  
  • progressive I am going, I was going استمراری
  • simple verb form I went I go فعل ساده
  • pronoun we use a pronoun instead of a more precise noun phrase. I , it  ضمیر
  • proper noun, proper name a noun that is the name of a person, place etc. Peter اسم خاص
  • question tag a small question at the end of a sentence. don't you? wan't it? علامت سوال
  • regular a regular form follows the same rules as most others 
  • stress when we speak we pronouce some words and parts of words higher and louder 
  • subject a noun or pronoun that comes before the verb in an affirmative sentence.It often 
  •  say who ro what does an action. Helen broke another glass today. فاعل
  • superlative a form like oldest fastest most intelligent. برتر
  • tense am going,went,will go زمان
  • third person he,him,his  سوم شخص
  • verb a word like ask paly wake be فعل
  • we use informal language when we talk to our friends good morning is more formal than hello Hi is very informal لحن غیر رسمی   
    we use formal language when we wish to be polite or to show respect good morning is more formal than hello Hi is very informal لحن رسمی  
    I me us our am are first person اول شخص  
    reporting somebody's words without changing grammer she said I'm tired she said that she was tired.
    I gave my mother some money. مفعول غیر مستقیم   
    I gave my mother some money مفعول مستقیم  
    two words made into one dont I'll
    a , b , c , d are consonant حروف بی صدا 
    a word that join clauses. and so if حرف ربط 
    an structre with a subject and verb and perhaps and object and adverb "I know that man " a sentece is made of one or more clauses. شبه جمله   
    a verb like be have do which is used with another verb to make tenses question etc.
    I was is affirmative مثبت   
    a group of word used like an adverb
    a word like up out off used as part of verb like get up
    tomorrow here badlyقید
    the bill was paid مجهول
    "I paid the bill" معلوم
  • you emphasize something if you make it stronger for example by saying it louder. تاکید 
  • a group of word used together, like in the morning اصطلاح  
  • a word like the this my every حرف تعریف  
  • a, e, i ,and o are vowels   حروف صدا دار   
  • a form like older faster and more beautiful تفضیلی